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Video Styles

We work with leading independent video producer Robert Martin Kelly to produce a number of different types of video: 

  • Live@Charborough is a format that showcases live performance of a song in our studio in Ascot. See these extracts from a variety of artists, or this full length example of Alexander McKay's song Winter

  • Showreels featuring excerpts which demonstrate the range of an artist's material. These are ideal for party or covers bands for use with venues, potential clients and booking agents. The shots can be 'live', mimed, or a mixture of each; here's an example for James Farrant, a George Michael tribute act

  • Greenscreen Videos which involve filming the artist against a green screen backdrop. Effects, animations, other characters and graphics can all be added in afterwards in the edit. See these example we produced for All About Frank
    and for Helta Skelta


  • Voice-over or Promotional Videos. We can add audio to existing video, or create complete packages activities such as fitness workouts and company, product or personal promotional videos. Here are examples for WithU Training and  Graceful Bow Yoga

  • Studio video with conceptual footage and/or stock footage.  We film bands or artists in the studio and stylise the video so that the additional footage gives the video a distinct look - as in this example we produced for BabyHowl

  • Reportage footage / band recording the single. We film the band as they record the song, and also film them relaxing, talking, or setting up - to convey something of their personality. These can be filmed in our studio or on another site, and have the advantage of being made around the band, so they don’t have to worry about miming or performing. Here's an example from The Sha La La's

See other examples of each sort here, and a full set on our YouTube channel

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