Prices & Rate Card

Our music recording prices start at £300 for a long evening session - record as much as you can in about  4 hours. This price includes the production of preliminary mixes and a separate post-session mix review when your ears have had a rest.

Hourly rates for voice-over recording are about £60 per hour for timed, scripted, video synch or wild voice-over. We are also pleased to quote a price based on run-time minutes depending on the type of material

A studio-based multi-camera video can cost as little as £300 for solo artists and duos, £500 for bands with 3 or more members if you already have the audio recorded. For an additional £50 per song we can produce a show reel for use on your web site or for promoters and venues.

Our Live@Charborough video service will record you playing live in the studio to produce an authentic live video - but with great sound. Prices from £500 for as many takes as it takes in one session! This price also includes a few still photos of the performance.

A full studio or location-based photo shoot with professional photographer David Sell starts at £75 for solo artists, and from £110 for bands.

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